This is a skill based server. Fight the zombies head on or don't fight them at all. Punishments are at the admin's descretion. You may report any rule breakers on our forums.

RULE ZERO: Read the rules. It is up to you as a player to know them. Not knowing is not an excuse.

1. WHAT THE ADMINS SAY IS LAW. You will listen to the admins and follow their direction. And i'm not talking about team strategies. This is not your server. This is ours. If you piss us off, you're gone. We do not care about you, your survival and your personal enjoyment. We only care about ours. Get used to it, because thats life.

2. Don't use any hack or cheat programs. You will be banned. No exceptions. No second chances.

3. Do not use map props to create barricades. We refer to this as 'prop blocking'. If you catch this happening, feel free to clear the barricade with a grenade.

4. No camping. Camping will only get you overrun by zombies. It also prolongs the rounds.

5. No godding. Godding is standing where the zombies can't reach you. It takes no skill to jump on a crate or ledge. Going afk, typing, or buying are not excuses to dog.

6. No team attacking/killing. Remember to check your fire. Never point a firearm at something you're not willing to destroy. If you purposely team kill anyone, you will be banned.

7. Do not harrass other players. This includes racism and sexism.

8. Join the server to play. Don't afk or spectate. We have auto afk and spectator kickers, so this shouldn't be a problem. But repeat offenders will be banned.

9. Keep the lines of fire clear. Don't run behind the zombies. Don't try to knife a zombie someone is firing at. If you get shot like this, it's your fault.

10. The zombies do not belong to you. Do not whine about "kill stealers".